International meetings and bibel studies

Kristinestads svenska församling is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Because Kristinestad is a bilingual town, Kristinestads svenska församling is the Swedish-speaking parish in town. Although we are a Swedish-speaking parish we want to offer some events in English. We will offer some services translated into English and at some events we speak English.

International meetings

Sometimes we have international meetings in our parish house in Kristinestad, Västra långgatan 29.

Sometimes we have international services in the church in Kristinestad. 


Bible studies

There is a bible study sometimes  in the parish house, Västra långgatan 29. We read the bible, discuss and pray with a leader. The teaching is given in english. Please contact Daniel Norrback if you are intrested.




If You or Your child want to be baptized You first have to attend the baptism class. You meet with the priest and discuss and learn about the basic things of our faith and belief. We meet in the parish house, Västra långgatan 29. Please contact pastor Daniel Norrback, 040-5862370.

Missionsljusstake i Kristinestads kyrka
Light a candle and pray for the whole world

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